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Rockford University Announces the Addition of eSports

Rockford University Announces the Addition of eSports
ROCKFORD, Ill. - Rockford University is excited to announce the addition of competitive eSports to our campus. The RU eSports team will begin play during the 2019-20 academic year in a state-of-the-art eSports arena located in the Burpee Student Center. The arena features 16 new gaming PCs completely powered by MSI.
Rockford University plans to establish and maintain collegiate level competitive teams across a variety of games and will initially compete in the CS Starleague. This is the premier platform for collegiate level League of Legends competition. As the program continues to take shape and evolve, Rockford University is committed to developing additional teams for other competitive eSports (i.e. Rocket League, Overwatch, Counter-Strike). RU eSports teams and players will have the opportunity to stream gameplay, compete at the intercollegiate level and play against individuals from across the world.
The eSports program at Rockford University will offer students several real-world advantages. In addition to competitive gaming, students will have opportunities to experience the following:
  • Graphic and media design
  • Social media branding and marketing
  • Event planning and management
  • Communications and broadcasting
All eSports team members will have numerous opportunities to engage within the greater campus community in important ways that will be an asset to their futures.

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