Athletic Music Guidelines

Below is a partial list of requirements for any music submitted to be played at home athletic events. Please note that the list can change and be updated at any time.
  • Music must be in hand of the sports information director a minimum of 72 hours prior to the home contest.
  • All music will be reviewed prior to being played at any home athletic event.
  • Only ONE pregame music cd will be reviewed per sport per year.
  • Music cannot contain any profanity.
  • All profanity must be edited out in its entirety.
  • If any part of any inappropriate word or phrase is not entirely removed the song will be rejected.
  • Songs that contain repeatedly bleeped out profanity will be rejected.
  • Racial and sexual slurs or slang, along with derogatory words/phrases are not acceptable and need to removed in their entirety.
  • Any other references to illegal activities or offense words/context are not allowable and must be removed from the song.

The Rockford University athletic department reserves the right to remove any songs from the playlist that it deems offensive or inappropriate.