Charles M. DeWild Sports Hall of Fame

Inductee Contribution Years
Mrs. Frank Roger Blanche Seaver Friend and Donor  
Charles DeWild Basketball Coach & Athletic Director 1961-84
Len Remencius Basketball 1955-58
Bill Schilling Basketball and Track 1960-64
Ron Nedovich Soccer, Basketball and Track 1961-65
Ron Balsam Track, Swimming, Basketball and Tennis 1961-65
Lewis Miller Tennis 1963-67
Barry Hulin Soccer 1963-67
Jack Cook Basketball and Baseball 1967-71
Dave Tanaglia Swimming 1969-73
Dr. John Howard President 1960-77
Chip Geiger Swimming and Diving 1974-76
Rease Binger Basketball and Tennis 1956-60
Mike Messman Swimming 1962-64
Ray Eissens Basketball and Baseball 1966-70
Syd Sincock Basketball 1972-75
Jeff Mosher Basketball, Golf, and Baseball 1975-79
Debbie Patterson Basketball, Field Hockey and Volleyball 1975-79
John Jendrzejewski Basketball and Baseball 1970-74
Dave Ferb Basketball and Baseball 1970-74
Paul Harder Swimming 1977-81
Bill Erickson Founder of Regents Athletic Program 1955-58
Walter Wells Sports Information Director 1967-80
Rosie Gilf Winquist Swimming and Diving 1974-78
Henry Brautigam Swimming 1979-83
Rod Ekberg Basketball and Baseball 1977-81
Keith Uebele Swimming 1979-83
Dr. John Morrissey Basketball 1973-77
Lohn Lindquist Basketball 1966-70
Jeff Wirth Basketball 1974-78
Scott Hudnall Golf 1975-79
Jack Oshita Friend and Supporter of Regents Athletics  
Mark Bernhardy Baseball 1976-79
Louis Mateus Soccer 1982-85
Joyce Wintersteen-D'Arcy Diving 1984-86
Julio Del Real Soccer 1984-88
Dr. Colette Salm Schmid Swimming 1984-87
Carie Walker Dobrinske Basketball and Softball 1985-87
Mary Ellen Jornlin Keyes Field Hockey, Archery, Basketball, Tennis & VB 1971-75
Joan Meinert Mosher Softball, Field Hockey, Volleyball & Basketball  1977-81 
Stanley Greenfield  Basketball, Soccer, Baseball & Cross Country  1967-71
Steve Kitzman Swimming  1993-94 
Carlos Cuiriz  Soccer  1984-88 
Stephanie Johnson  Basketball  1985-87 
Richard Bromley Coach, Professor and Friend 1962-98
Gayle Strang Coach, Professor and Friend 1968-02
Lee Carley Coach 1966-01
Bill Langston Baseball Coach and Athletic Director 1980-03

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